Hi! This project gifts people money and digits, why not to ask for direct aid?

Nestling tries to demolish hell spaces. Hell space this is a space of life, where mercy, friendship, justice do not work. At all. 60% of global profit goes to mecenate program. Other 30% for techspread. And other 10% for project growth & survival (SSL hosting, crypto, research, coding, design, etc)....

Nestling is a marketing experiment of, can zero founds startup sell some pretty shit (little more then nothing), or not? This desktop does not costs 10$ at all, and, if You, having no money at all, need it - just ask. As experiment we made id rather pretty, plus (from zero founds) we made some social games. Can they work or not?

So, the question of new marketing line: Giving money and gifts from Global Sales, Open Stats & Crowd Internetocracy...

NOTE! We can give not money, but services, like free hostings, digits, etc. Just talk to us!

What to gift?

Appr. $ cost Of a Gift
60$ max:

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