nestling is tool to create web desktops, based on Nestling JSON; AJAX but SEO.


magicJSON is a bebird based API layer that will support active JSON structures, active objects multi inheritance, superb animations of any DHTML style parameters, and lot of other tools. The code of magic.js was recreated 4 times, and nowadays this is a API, more comfortable and powerful then jQuery or other. Now it is working, but has a bug in multiinheritance.


birdesk was created 2 years ago, but cause of viruses the sources were lost. This will be a powerful studio to create birds (web components) and apps on them. It supports magis.js and provides debugging, visual design editors, highlightnings, etc.

HG and Rooms

HG helps people generate web sites, pages, to (auto)register their dreams and possibilities (business tools). Any dreamap can generate web with different designs. F.e. on Nesling JSON or Magic JSON, box, rune, etc. Rooms support collective games. F.e. my rooms: